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Can I combine my orders?

Yes. Please fill out the Combine Orders Form. (Tap for form)

The orders MUST be under the same name and shipping address.

Please make sure the orders are made within 24 hours of one another. You will be refunded one shipping cost if applicable. For example, if your items weigh over a certain amount it would make sense to charge the accurate shipping cost instead.

If I purchase a pre-order item and an in-stock item will they be shipped together or separately?

They will be shipped together. If your order consists of a pre-order item, then you will have to wait for the pre-order product to come in and all your items will be shipped all at once.

If you would like to receive your in-stock item first, then I'd recommend placing separate orders. Keep in mind you would have to pay the shipping fee for each order you place.

Do I still have a chance if I missed out on pre-orders?

Yes. When the items arrive to me they go through inspection and get sorted into grades. After that, I list them up for sale on my shop. I highly recommend ordering during pre-order period though because it's at a discounted price.

What's the difference between pre-order and in-stock items?

Pre-order = You are helping fund for production; discounted
In-stock = Ready to ship; not discounted

CHOKING HAZARD: Products can contain small parts. Not intended for young children. It is a not a toy.
SHARP OBJECT: The back of enamel pins are sharp. Do not use as a toy or weapon.